Wilgenbus Guitars – Romain Troly and Richard Layan

Sunday 13:30-13:50 in Room C4


Bassist from Brittany, his style is based on metal music.


Richard-PortraitRICHARD LAYAN
Main composer for SundRi Feeling with Cendrine Cingala, his compositions are enriched with his very eclectic musical journey. Richard plays many instruments, from guitar to trumpet or flugelhorn, Brazilian or Cuban percussion, cavaquinho, tres, cuatro, mandolin, dobro…everything is possible with him! With over 35 years of performing music, including numerous trips to Brazil and Cuba, he gained experience of big bands as well as duos. He is fond of improvisation as well as arrangement. On guitar, Richard plays either fingerpicking or flatpicking techniques. Nylon or steel string, clean or saturated sound, dry or with effects, it all depends on the style. Richard likes to perform on acoustic, jazz or solid-body electric guitars as well. Nylon guitar on the album “Accords” is NW #9!


Presented by Wilgenbus Guitars (Les Instruments du Sud)