Wandrè the artist of the electric guitar

Sunday 15:00-15:45 in Room Strassburg

by Marco Ballestri, Italy
Author of the book ‘Wandrè. L’artista della chitarra elettrica


image001Antonio Wandrè Pioli is a legend for vintage-guitar aficionados all over the world. He set up the first electric guitar factory in Italy in the 50’s and he completed one of the greatest lutherie revolutions of all times, turning the musical instrument from a work tool into a psycho-bionic prosthesis of the musician. His futuristic Round Factory in Cavriago produced some of the most innovative, experimental models in the history of electric guitars. Wandrè created sound sculptures which could communicate emotions simply with their presence, forms and colours. Thanks to their intrinsic animism, Wandrè’s instruments had a primary role in promoting the evolution of the musicians’ look.

marco ballestri jpgMarco Ballestri, a nephrologist by profession, has a true passion for lutherie and fantastic ideas. He spent twelve years writing the complete biography of the artist-luthier Wandrè. In 2013 he met a publisher, Paolo Battaglia (Anniversary Books, Modena): a guy so crazy that he agreed to publish Marco’s book. Inevitably, Paolo also fell ill with “Wandreite”; so, from 2014 Marco and Paolo are spreading the art and the incredible life of Wandrè.

Marco will be available for book signing 16:00 on Sunday, at the book table in the Foyer.