The Musical Instrument Certificate

Saturday 12:00-12:45 in Room Strassburg

Ever heard of CITES and MIC? Why is this important for you?

By Jutta Molterer
The Federal Ministry, Austria

JuttaMoltererWhat does your guitar have to do with the protection of species (CITES) and why would you need a certificate? Which materials are under protection and what do you need to look for when purchasing an instrument.
Earlier this year the European Union updated CITES regulations. Similar to a passport the new Musical Instrument Certificate (MIC) is designed to facilitate the cross-border movements of musical instruments traveling with them.
In this lecture you will hear about the current legal framework of the European Union and what should be considered when you are traveling with an instrument – both privately, as well as on tour with a band.
Jutta Molterer works in the federal ministry of agriculture, forestry, environment and water management in Austria. The main subject of her work is CITES, especially the wildlife trade regulations of the European Union.