Tao Guitars – Steven Codfert

Sunday 15:30-15:50 in Room C3

STEVEN CODFERT_PortraitStevN, born Steven Codfert 9/27/92 (22 years), is a young English/French guitarist-singer-author-composer. He started music at the age of 4 as an autodidact inspired by soul music, groove, blues, jazz and many other genres.

Coming from a family of musicians, he had his first performance at the age of 6, which left no doubt about his desire to live his life on stage. He wrote his first composition at 15, mixing all the music styles of his childhood.


Today located in Belgium (Moulin Fantome), Steven plays on stage solo, or with a band, accommodating the public in his personal universe, to share through his lyrics and music, a discovery of this charming young person, as modest as he is talented.


Presented by Tao Guitars by John & Serge