Steinbrecher Guitars – Julian Adams Pajzs

Sunday 13:00-13:20 in Room C3

JULIAN_ADAM_PAJZS_PortraitJulian Adam Pajzs, born 1987, is a guitar and bass player of all sort of different styles. He studied Jazz guitar at the Kunstuniversität Graz with Guido Jeszenszky and at the Hochschule für Musik Weimar with Frank Möbus.
His bands are:
Edi Nulz, “chamberpunkjazz”. The tractor this mini-orchestra is firing up defies any purity requirements in jazz, indie, rock’n’roll etc.
Pure anarchy: a bassless jazz trio, a rock band minus a singer. Website / Facebook
PeroPero, “future-rock”. Website / Facebook
Beatbox plus metal, a japanese/austrian power trio.
Jan Frisch, a songwriter and a freejazz band between rock/pop and anarchy punk territories. Website / Facebook
Old Bag, “technichal-hartz4-core” Old Bag is the collective name for a group of angry and confused men. Their music is heavy and their bank accounts are empty. Facebook



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