Seth Baccus Guitars – Mike Cahen and Tim Mills

Saturday 11:30-11:50 in Room C3

DCF 1.0


Guitarist Mike Cahen was born in London, England. Initially self taught he later attended the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles.


First inspired by the British Blues Boom guitarists his current musical interests cover a wide range of styles. His session and touring work has included legendary singer Elkie Brooks, Benjamin Zephaniah, Suzi Quatro and Lionel Ritchie.


Solo and band projects with the Indian sarangi virtuoso Sabir Sultan Khan, RogMikEnzo with bassist Roger Inniss and drummer Enzo Todesco. Mike also plays the Mohan Veena an Indian classical instrument.




Best known as the founder of guitar pickup specialists Bare Knuckle, Tim started playing guitar professionally soon after leaving school performing with bands in the UK and Germany as well as teaching guitar and martial arts.


Tim has recorded and toured with legendary UK blues rock singer Elkie Brooks throughout the ‘90s and has also written and recorded with top US metal band Iced Earth. Having always enjoyed performing live, Tim founded the Bare Knuckle Blues Band, which gives him the opportunity to continually push Bare Knuckle forward whilst still being able to write and perform the music that got him into playing guitar in the first place.




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