Quenzel Custom Guitars – René Lipps

Saturday 13:00-13:20 in Room C3

RENE LIPPS_PortraitLipps is a self taught guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter. He has been mostly influenced by 80s LA Session, Rock and Blues guitarists.


In 2008-2010 he worked as guitarist, writer and musical director for no. 1 singer Thomas Godoj. After that he did a lot of studio stuff for acts like B-Tight, Achim Petry, Die Affäre…

In 2014 he mainly wrote and produced Achim Petry´s album “Mittendrin” followed in 2015 by the album “Brandneu” from Wolfgang Petry, which entered the official album charts at number 1! He also has his own band called “Die Affäre” in which he also does the main vocals. René is a fan of vintage based gear like old Marshall and Fender amps and uses mainly Stratocaster-Style guitars. The whammy bar has huge importance in his playing. He never plays without…





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