Matsuda Guitars – Andreas Willers

Sunday 14:30-14:50 in Room C4

ANDREAS_WILLERS_PortraitSince his debut solo release for the veteran German avant-garde label FMP in 1981, Andreas Willers has gained a reputation as an exceptional guitar player with an atypically rich stylistic background. The impressive technical and tonal options at his disposal are carried by a great feeling for form and emotional power. He has worked with numerous highly prolific players the the fields of blues/rock, jazz and the avant-garde, can be heard on almost 40 releases for different labels, performed worldwide, worked as a session player, taught guitar, wrote workshop articles for Germany’s Gitarre&Bass magazine and continues to work on different forms of improvised and composed music.


“It sounds to me that Mr. Willers is a master of manipulation as he selects the sounds or textures that consistently evoke images or provoke ideas.”

– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery New York


“Andreas Willers combines contrasting techniques, worlds of tones and traditions into a singular, easy-to-identify sound.”

– Rororo Jazz Lexikon


“Willers really is a Stupor Mundi guitarist.”

– Bad Alchemy


“Man, you sound like jazz guitar, James-Bond-guitar and all freaked-out noise at times. What a thrill!”

– Member of audience, Santa Cruz/CA



Presented by Matsuda Guitars