Heeres Custom Guitars – Terence Hansen

Saturday 14:30-14:50 in Room C4

©Maarten FleskensFor close to 20 years, american guitarist Terence Hansen has been composing, arranging and performing with two guitars simultaneously (while singing) using tapping technique. His unique approach to guitar playing has been in movie soundtracks, toys, aquariums, and commercials.
Terence’s 7th album, ‘Some of My Ghosts’ (2015) almost exclusively features his custom built ‘crossed double neck’ acoustic and electric Heeres guitars. The album spotlights Terence as a singer/songwriter/producer and has a wide range of song styles and musicians, including Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi) on bass and Cj Burton (Air Supply) on drums.
Terence is also the Music Director for the award winning MusicGarage, a program for youth bands.






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