Hahl Meistergitarren – Charis Karantzas

Sunday 15:30-15:50 in Room C4

CharisKarantzas-portraitCharis Karantzas was born in 1988 in Athens Greece. He picked up the guitar at age 12 and never put it down since.

In 2007 he moved to Amsterdam to study with jazz greats Martijn Van Iterson and Martien Oster at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He moved to Berlin in 2009 where he studied with guitar master Kurt Rosenwinkel and legendary bassist Greg Cohen. He is a very active player in Berlin’s scene both live as well as in big German studios. He has toured in over 20 countries in Europe, U.S.A, South America and Asia.

Some of his collaborations include Greg Cohen, Nils Wogram, David Friedman, Kristin Korb, Les Filles Du Calvaire, Bujazzo Big Band, Lili Dahab, Khalil Chahine and many others.

Berlin guitarist Charis Karantzas performs for the first time publicly and purely acoustic on a Hahl-Nylon String Archtop Guitar as well as on a Hahl-Jazz Supreme Steel String Archtop Guitar.

– Stefan Hahl

Presented by Hahl Meistergitarren


MANFRED DIERKES_Portrait“I am very sad to tell you that one of the greatest Archtop fingerstyle players, named Manfred Dierkes passed away last month. We planned to bring him on stage for a demo concert but now he is gone and the world lost a great musician and a great man.
– Manfred, my dear friend -nobody can fill your place. Not on the guitar and not in our hearts!”

– Stefan Hahl / Hahl Meistergitarren



When Manfred Dierkes produced his debut “It’s About Time” in 1999, the reaction was one of thrill. Dierkes immediately played his way to a secure place as a rising star on the firmament of orchestral jazz guitar, and he has since been resolutely working out all of the possibilities made available by the archtop jazz guitar. The fingerstyle jazz of this Berlin guitarist is of the highest level of virtuosity. With his acoustic archtop sound full of warmth and crystalline clarity, Dierkes shows complete mastery of style and a magic sense of the groove. This guitarist weaves together bass lines, chords and melodies into dense orchestral arrangements that create wonderful tense phrases – just listen to his version of “Over The Rainbow”, where the theme appears entirely in artificial harmonics over a sharp accompaniment. With “Four Brothers And A Thumb”, Dierkes has set a milestone in fingerstyle jazz guitar.

Manfred Dierkes is the archtop fingerstylist who has generated pure amazement in the jazz scene. “It´s About Time” brings top quality fingerstyle jazz to the fore. The “orchestral” technique of Manfred Dierkes connects hearty, swinging walking basses with thick chords, classical tremolos and enchantingly beautiful improvisations. Above and beyond the polished technique, his music is of the greatest artistry and represents a homage to the classics of jazz from the past fifty years and to the instrument itself, the “archtop jazz guitar”.