Guitares Gérard Defurne – Tomás Gubitsch

Saturday 11:30-11:50 in Room C4

© Youri ZakovitchTomás Gubitsch’s career begins in Buenos Aires, in 1976, where his virtuosity made him a star at 18 years old, followed by his arrival in France just one year later, playing alongside Astor Piazzolla.


He has played with some of the greatest European jazz musicians (Stéphane Grapelli, Michel Portal, Steve Lacy, etc.) as well as World-music stars (Mino Cinélu, Nana Vasconcelos or David Dorantes). He was then discovered him as a conductor and composer for orchestras all over the world, as well as for cinema and dance.
All these experiences feed his current concerts and creations in the Théatre de la Ville (Paris) where we find a mix of sophisticated writing and explosive improvisation.


Presented by Guitares Gérard Defurne