Exhibitors 2015

steinbrecher guitars-portrait photo
Steinbrecher Guitars
Jan Steinbrecher

Since 2009 you can find a studio in Dresden, Germany, where traditionally trained luthier Jan Steinbrecher builts limited amounts of fine electric and semi-acoustic guitars. Precise craftsmanship, air-seasoned wood and special pickups allow Steinbrecher Guitars to develop an excellent sound – not only amplified. It’s always about the interplay of form, tone and player which is supposed to fit like your favourite pair of shoes you enjoy wearing over the years. That’s why the client is always involved in the crafts concept and every guitar is a unique piece.

It’s the best exhibition to show handmade guitars and I am proud to have my table next to some of the most popular luthiers.

I’m looking forward to display my work at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, which shows what mass production cannot accomplish. It doesn`t matter if you are a luthier, guitarist or just a lover of soulful instruments, it will be the right decision to be in Berlin this october.