Exhibitors 2015

Mathias Schindehütte

Mathias founded his `one-man-show´ workshop in the 90’s in Frankfurt/Main. He works as a specialist in electric and acoustic guitars & basses. Mathias is also well known as a vintage expert and restorer for collectable and high grade instruments.

I prefer building guitars according to the golden area of the 50´s and 60´s with classic woods and non industrial finishing. All Instruments are 100% handmade with passion and the experience of 30 years of guitar making.

Mathias Schindehütte started to work on guitars in the 80´s. He founded a little guitar workshop in Frankfurt am Main. After some years of repairing and building instruments he decided to close down the workshop and started to work as a repairman in several music stores. Around the new millennium Mathias decided to go back to where all have started and founded Schindehütte-Gitarren. Till now he worked on guitars for repair, restoration, and as a well known vintage expert. In Berlin, Mathias will present his own Zeitgeist Guitar Series and the brand new `M´ guitars.