Exhibitors 2015

20121212 Juha Ruokangas.Kuva: Benjamin Suomela
Ruokangas Guitars
Juha Ruokangas

In 2015 Juha Ruokangas and his team celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ruokangas Guitars. Juha is one of the very few Finnish luthiers with a Master’s Degree, and his guitars are regarded in various books, magazines and other independent sources as some of the finest in the world. Juha is also a co-founder and the vice president of EGB, and the chairman of The Guild of Finnish Luthiers.

As a co-founder and the vice president of EGB it’s been my privilege and honor to be one of the people sculpting the concept of The Holy Grail Guitar Show. I am so proud of what we have already achieved, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

This is truly my dream job – and yet, it doesn’t really feel like a job at all. Still, after 20 years as a professional luthier, I feel humbled and grateful of how very fortunate I am – to be able to earn my living in such enjoyable way, doing exactly what I want to do!