Exhibitors 2015

Roman Zajicek

The ROZAWOOD workshop is the vision of luthier Roman Zajicek, considered among the “top 5” guitar makers worldwide. All production (acoustic flattop and archtop guitars, resophonic guitars, octave mandolins, mandocellos, bouzoukies and specialty guitars – tenor, terz, baritone and drop) is made only from selected solid tonewoods and is purely handmade in every detail. His instruments are known for their impressive tone and impeccable workmanship. ROZAWOOD is not a factory or a manufacture, but an art workshop where Roman, together with his son, put their best efforts into every unique ROZAWOOD instrument.

As the first HGGS ended in November 2014, I was sure I wanted to show my instruments at the following years show. I visit many guitar exhibitions and shows throughout Europe, and the HGGS is without any doubt one of the best.

I love music above all, so my quest for beauty of acoustic tone led me to building instruments myself. I built my first instruments in 1979, and after a long time building guitars mostly as a hobby, my activities outgrew me. In 2003, I found a partner to finance and manage my activities and the ROZAWOOD workshop was established. I work together with my son and we build unique ROZAWOOD instruments. And when I put my signature on an instrument, you can be assured it is one of the best instruments available.