Exhibitors 2015

rikkers guitars-portrait photo
Rikkers Guitars
Ferdinand Rikkers & Jacco Stuitje

Luthiers Jacco Stuitje and Ferdinand Rikkers of Rikkers Guitars make tailor-made instruments tuned to the needs and wishes of musicians. Modern media enable the two Master Luthiers from the Netherlands to connect to their customers worldwide and do what they’ve been doing for more than 30 years: making exquisite and unique instruments for individuals. In Berlin you can get up close and personal to them and their art. From the builder to the player and nothing in between: come to Berlin, get connected and play a Rikkers for the rest of your life.

115 of the best luthiers in the world exhibit their work in Berlin. Come and meet us and play on our work. From our hands to yours and nothing in between.

We put our heart and souls into making instruments for musicians. Creating guitars or bass guitars out of raw wood has become a necessity of life for us in the last 30 years. The ability to connect to all kind of people around the globe through modern media is really rewarding but getting to know people in person is better. In Berlin we can do just that. Come meet us and get to know our instruments.