Exhibitors 2015

Photo credit: Woldach
Preuß Guitars
Torsten Preuß

Preussguitars stands for absolute premium quality instruments. With extensive experience as a musician and plucked instrument builder, Torsten has the ability to create instruments with an excellent tone and outstanding playing characteristics. On top of that, superb inlay artwork is implemented by his wife. Only high quality and classy materials are used. Each Preuss instrument has its own process of development and is always built in close contact with the customer. He works on every instrument personally with precise handcraft which always leads to a single, unique and distinctive masterpiece.

I want to exhibit at the HGGS to show the whole world of guitar maniacs what I do with some pieces of wood.

My profession is to build instruments in the fine tradition like the generations of luthiers before me in Markneukirchen, but with a modern approach in the use of technologies and other philosophies. I love the possibility to combine Spanish, American and German guitar building. I want to exhibit at the HGGS to show you the results. I hope to met you there and of course some great colleagues.