Exhibitors 2015

Potvin Guitars
Mike Potvin

Mike Potvin has been designing and building custom electric guitars in his one-man shop since 2003. Mike has become known for his attention-to-detail and the world-class playability of his updated spin on classic instruments from the past. His unique original designs also feature a nod to the past, and more than a hint of Mike’s passion for the world of vintage sports cars.

I’m looking forward to the show as an exhibitor so I can connect with players and fans of my guitars. I am equally as excited to attend as a fan of all the excellent builders who will be exhibiting!

Designing and building guitars is something I do because I love it in every sense of the word. If I didn’t make my living as a professional luthier, I have no doubt that I would still spend countless hours in my workshop improving my existing designs, and tinkering with new ones.

I am very honored to have been invited for a second time to attend the Holy Grail Guitar Show. I can’t wait to be in Berlin again both as an exhibitor and as a fan of world class guitars.