Exhibitors 2015

PMC Guitars
Pierre-Marie Chateauneuf

PMC Guitars is run by Pierre-Marie Châteauneuf, who deals with custom handcrafted guitars, i.e. acoustic guitars, electric and bass guitars, as well as other string instruments like “Byblos”, Innovation Award 2010, which is a hybrid between oud (oriental luth) and guitar. PMC is a member of the European Guitar Builders and the French Guitar Builders. He was selected to exhibit at the Montreal Guitar Show, and awarded by Premier Guitar.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is truly the place to be. There is currently no other major international show for guitar luthiers, especially in electric guitars.

It was Slash that “injected the guitar venom” when I was 14. That same year, I got my first taste of lutherie when I sought someone to fix my very first guitar that was just impossible to play.
At age 16, I made my unofficial start as a luthier when my best friend approached me to fix his broken-in-two guitar. Because the result was so successful, several other friends started coming to me with their instruments. After a few acoustic and electric guitars courses I start PMC Guitars in 2006. Paris, Montreal, and now Berlin, lutherie is such a good trip.