Exhibitors 2015

phil bach-portrait photo
Phil Bach
Philippe Crumbach

Phil Bach is a Luthier workshop based in France. The business is run by Phil, who is a former bass player and whose work consists mainly of acoustic double basses and the now famous FREEDOM ONE electric bass guitar. Phil speaks French, German and English.

For luthiers and music lovers, the HGGS has now become the place to be, and of course, Berlin is also a beautifull city.

After many years of double bass building, my youngest son Frank came to my workshop one day and said “hey dad, could you please build me a good e-bass?” I suddenly remembered that I did this job already in 1979 and decided to create a new model based on the “one piece of wood bass thing” principle! The FREEDOM ONE was born. My custom basses have now a large demand around the world. The Holy Grail Guitar Show should be a nice place to be.