Exhibitors 2015

peggy white guitars-portrait photo
Peggy White Guitars
Peggy White

With a deep appreciation for the materials she uses, Peggy White builds guitars that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. She is comfortable building her various steel string models to suit a variety of playing styles and likes developing relationships with her clients to inform the way she modifies the build to suit that individual. Peggy’s building career began with a 6 month stint at the Larivee shop. From there she studied with Sergei de Jonge and then became Linda Manzer’s apprentice. Peggy continues to study with Linda while building her own line of instruments.

I attended the Holy Grail Guitar Show last year as Linda Manzer’s assistant. I was so impressed with how the show was organized. It is one of the best guitar shows I’ve ever attended. I’m looking forward to showing my own instruments this year.

I have a very deep appreciation for the materials I use. I have always loved wood, the look of it, the texture of it and I now appreciate how working with the wood can produce great tone. I build with sound and feel in mind, first and foremost. I like the wood to speak for itself and I put a lot of time into choosing top grade woods. As unique as each piece of wood is, so are the people who buy my guitars. Getting to know each person I’m building for is one of the parts of my job that I love.