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Neubauer Guitars
Andreas Neubauer

Love for Sale
Neubauer Guitars of Vienna has built a transatlantic reputation as…
…builders of amazing custom bass guitars, 
…creators of sophisticated archtops in the proud tradition of European Jazz, 
…respectfully creative custodians of Vienna´s legendary guitar-building heritage,
…serious repair experts
and beyond that for – well, just about everything: 
In the whole range from electric double bass to jazz mandolin there is no instrument which Neubauer Guitars of Vienna cannot design, build and meticulously customize to meet your needs and demands. We will not build some instrument. We will build yours.


I started out as a luthier because I had this fantasy about meeting fascinating people, enjoying exciting music and creating instruments people would love. Now let me tell you what really happened: Exactly that.


Summer of `87.
1987 – the mad, mad year: Prince scraps his Black Album one week before the scheduled launch because he somehow doesn´t like the sound anymore.
Pink Floyd´s first world tour since Roger Waters quit sells more tickets than the tours of Michael Jackson and U2 combined.
Guns&Roses deliver the best-selling debut album ever. It still remains unbeaten today.
Grabbing a guitar was a serious gateway to a stellar career back then. As a matter of fact, the only other gateway to glory was joining the young, wild Silicone Valley bunch with a Steve Jobs style garage startup.
Tough choice, huh? I avoided it by opening a guitar building garage startup. Was that really super smart? Back then I guessed so. Today I am sure. 
My name is Andreas Neubauer, founder, owner and head manager of Neubauer of Vienna.
Welcome to my garage.