Exhibitors 2015

liuteria gng di negrini giulio-portrait photo
Negrini Guitars – Liuteria GNG
Giulio Negrini

Giulio Negrini is a modern guitar maker and player. His fine skills as a hard-rock guitarist grant him the ability to improve the comfort and playability of the electric guitar; understanding these needs, he designs smooth necks and fretboards. Giulio is focused on high-end quality guitars: multistrings, extended range, fanned fretting and hi-gloss finishes are common options in his models. All the GNGs are made entirely by his own hands in his workshop to meet the specifications of the customer, with a wide selection of rare and high-grade tonewoods, premium hardware and his own handwound pickups, custom made for each model he creates.

I’m excited to be part of the HGGS, this is a great opportunity to bring my guitars in the hands of demanding and selective guitarists worldwide, the ones who search for a no-compromise built: for the best tone, playability and outstanding ideas and look.

My passion for building fine guitars started studying hard-rock and heavy-metal licks, I wanted to improve my own guitars to play better so I started modifying and then making my own, falling deeply in love with tonewoods and the art of combining options to find the best tone. I’m obsessed with beauty, tuning and comfort; my guitars are custom made for each single customer with his own request and needs; as I do my instruments by handwork, there are no restrictions to customization. Can’t wait to meet again the HGGS members and bring my guitars to the most demanding guitarists worldwide.