Exhibitors 2015

mion guitars-portrait photo
Mion Guitars
Yves Mion

A musical instrument is much more than an extension of your emotion. It is your essence, a second body with which you must become one. It is essential that you feel it in every fiber of your being, as it is a reflection of your soul. Yves MION shares his passion through the creation of his works.

I’m coming to the Holy Grail Guitar Show in order to exhibit my electric guitars and basses, all handmade and unique instruments.

I started making my first guitars at the age of 15 years. Following these initial fabrications, I was employed by Patrice Vigier for a period of 6 years. Having set up my shop, 6 years ago, I’ve exhibited at various French shows since 2 years. Now I would like to promote my guitars beyond France and the Holy Grail Guitar Show seems to be the right venue for that.