Exhibitors 2015

mervyn davis guitars-portrait photo
Mervyn Davis Guitars
Mervyn Davis

Mervyn’s work is rooted in and inspired by traditional guitar building and architecture. Driven by curiosity and the isolation of his location, the designs of his instruments have been characteristically experimental from the beginning. He started his career in the early seventies in a workshop without electricity, working exclusively by hand. He remains passionate about the traditional rock art, animals and trees that adorn the deserts of his beloved South Africa, and these elements could be found in his work throughout his career. His latest work is a combination of traditional elements with those found in his recent SmoothTalker modular guitars.

I am grateful for the opportunity to show my work to the European Community in the company of so many respected luthiers.

I have loved guitars from childhood and (sometimes I think un-fortunately) still do so. Every time I am ready to pack it all in, my passion is re-awakened by some mystery about guitar building and I simply have to do the experiment required to satisfy my curiosity. The Holy Grail Guitar Show, like all the other great guitar shows, offers the wonderfully inspiring opportunity to meet other people that share this passion.