Exhibitors 2015

melo guitars-portrait photo
Melo Guitars
Josep Melo i Valls

The artisan Josep Melo comes from Barcelona, the centre of modern design and the classical guitar. Every year he produces a limited run of handcrafted guitars including archtop, flattop, classical and electric guitars which are specially designed by Josep to suit the needs of the individual player. Each guitar is made with meticulous care and attention to detail and rooted in the oldest European traditions. Motivated by his thirst for learning, he has benefited from the experience and friendship of luthiers such as J. D’Aquisto, J. Romanillos and S. Klein.

The show allows every builder to share knowledge and experiences, is also a greate window to show the art of the builder and the best way to meet the artisian.

With the Beatles I learned to love the electric guitar with a clean sound. With Dylan, Baez an Seeger, I Loved the acoustic guitar. Shortly after I heard Cream and Jimi Hendrix, I began to love the electric guitar. At the same time Big Bill Broonzy and Big Joe Williams arrived, and with them, the blues guitar. Later, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Jim Hall allowed me to discover the archtop and all of its possibilities, and I began to love their sounds. I made my first guitar when I was nine years old.
The Holy Grail Guitar show is right for me because I love the guitar.