Exhibitors 2015

Matsuda Guitars
Michihiro Matsuda

Michihiro Matsuda was born, and raised in Japan.
Pairing traditional woodworking skills with an innovative sense of design and construction, he builds around eight guitars each year at his shop in Redwood City, CA, USA. He is striving to make instruments that integrate fine materials with his dedicated sound study. Each of his guitars is unique, personal, and individual.

His wish is that Matsuda guitars are more than just tools for music, and his artistic influence will inspire players to even greater creative heights.

I am very excited to be able to participate in The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015.
Please come and check out this wonderful showcase of hand crafted guitars. I am looking forward to see you at my table, thank you.

My name is Michihiro Matsuda. I was born and raised in Japan. I moved to the USA in 1997 and currently make hand crafted custom guitars at my luthier studio in Redwood City, California USA.

今回10月31から11月1にドイツ、ベルリンで行われる The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015 に参加する幸運に恵まれました。 世界中から素晴らしい製作家が集まるギターショウです。機会があれば是非お越し下さい。