Exhibitors 2015

Made in Germany - Manufaktur Gerald Marleaux
Marleaux Bass Guitars
Gerald Marleaux

We build instruments that are ergonomic because the playing experience needs to be comfortable. We build basses that resonate deeply, with clear voices and tremendous sustain because the player’s voice deserves to be heard. We build basses with low action and impeccable playability because the player needs to be able to execute their intentions without resistance. We’ve built more than 2000 custom instruments, and each of their happy owners can attest to our commitment to excellence.

We love to show our basses in a great environment. The HGGS is the best place to do this.

We know that highclass wood is the key to a great bass. We have a passion for collecting and building with rare and fascinating woods. Marleaux Bass Guitars takes great care in the proper storage, drying and treatment of these woods to ensure their unique sonic characteristics. We then tailor each bass to the needs of the customer by using the exact piece of wood for every aspect of its construction. We make bassists’ dreams come true!