Exhibitors 2015

MacPherson Guitars
Dan MacPherson

After 20 years as a professional Luthier, making custom instruments and working as a “ghost builder” for many other Luthiers and guitar brand owners throughout Europe, Dan MacPherson decided it was time to launch his own range of guitars. Introduced as ‘MacPherson Guitars’ in 2010 these instruments underline Dan’s reputation for producing optimum, high-quality, hand-made instruments. Offering a selection of models, the current range of production instruments should appeal to every player and style. MacPherson Guitars also offers a true custom service where you can have your unique handmade instrument crafted to your own design specifications.

The Holy Grail Guitar show is unique in that it’s sole purpose is to promote the worlds finest hand made guitars from around the world – that’s why I want to be there.

Having dedicated nearly 25 years to the art of guitar making, I can honestly say that for me, being a Luthier is really a compulsion rather than an occupation.
The pursuit of perfection is driven by a passion to always do the best I can, which is something all of the exhibitors of the Holy Grail Guitar show have in common.