Exhibitors 2015

letain guitars-portrait photo
Letain Guitars
Jeff Letain

Jeff is an Artist with a passion for guitar building. He has been a woodworker since the late seventies and shifted his focus to Guitars in the late nineties. The search for a sound quality that excites passion for the player is his main goal. For him, the guitar is functional sculpture and the guitar surface, a canvas with a limitless field for expression.

The love of music brings together Artists who share a love of the guitar as an instrument of expression. I am honored to have this great opportunity to show my guitars, meet so many amazing Luthiers and Guitarists and for being part of this world-class event.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a fantastic opportunity to share my love for guitars.
My main focus is on building archtop guitars, I am devoted to hand carving the tops and backs from a thick piece of wood to become a sensitive resonating plate. This shaping creates strength for an enduring instrument that the player will enjoy and grow with for many years.