Exhibitors 2015

larsen guitar-portrait photo
Larsen Guitars
Chris Larsen

Larsen Guitars.- Tucson, Arizona, USA. The guitar shop formerly known as GirlBrand.
New series guitar bodies built principally from Aluminum with inset access/inspection panels.
Currently featuring transverse mounted Sperzel locking tuners, hand built pickups with dedicated transformers and the option of internal amplification using Celestion 2″ speakers, Ampkit software and ipod docking. Finished with anodizing and powdercoating.

I am honored to be invited back to the Holy Grail Guitar Show. It should be (if last year is any indication) attended by not only the best and most interesting guitar builders but by may of the most knowledgable and adventurous players and collectors.

For a guitarist, a guitar is a tool. An “instrument” he employs, yet a tool he may ultimately have a passionately intense relationship with. An “Art” Guitar builder is obliged to build something as highly functional as he is able but past that is allowed, or perhaps compelled, to try to create something extraordinary. Beyond ordinary, a guitar, like a love (which it may finally be) is better “good” than “bad” but if “good” and “exciting” is wonderful. The HGGS has become, in a short time, the premier venue for interesting guitars and those who love them to get together.