Exhibitors 2015

jhg guitars-portrait photo
JHG Guitars
Hans Geerdink

JHG Guitars a one man shop founded in 1992 by Hans Geerdink.
Hans started playing the guitar when he was 14 years old and soon realized he was not one of the worlds best guitarist. Determined to make music for the rest of his life, he studied furniture making in Rotterdam, specializing in musical instruments. His guitars are built by hand and mostly to order. In 2015 he introduced his Jasha model, a fresh take on a proven concept. His maverick designs are not far out of the box. “A guitar should look, without a doubt, like a guitar.”

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a unique platform for displaying my work to a wider audience. Since the quality and uniqueness of my instruments (as well as the other guitars at the show) far exceeds that of the factory made, instruments I believe JHG Guitars should not be missed.

My name is Hans Geerdink, I built my first guitar back in 1986. Ever since I have been hooked on musical instrument building, guitar making in particular. After graduating, I worked as a cabinet designer/maker, using CAD and programming a huge CNC machine. Meanwhile, after a few more guitars and a few more gigs, I started to get the hang of it, I gained more confidence and dared to call myself a luthier. In 1992 I started my own small lutherie shop where I build and repair electric and acoustic guitars and bass-guitars.