Exhibitors 2015

hans guitars-portrait photo
Hans Guitars
Thorsten Hans

Hans guitars was established in 2011 in the beautiful historic city of Tübingen. Thorsten Hans counsels guitar players to develop their own unique sound and improves their instrument`s playability by tailoring each instrument to each individuals` needs.
His advanced guitar models do not only reflect the deep knowledge of sixty years of electric guitar history and building techniques, but also the guitar`s cultural meaning today. This leads to unique instruments like the Paperworks, that while based on a traditional outline, its newspaper surface immediately creates an extraordinary visual experience.

This show is fun both for participants and exhibitors and this exactly what we need! It offers a calm atmosphere for experiencing great instruments without annoying background noises. This allows the intensive and personal exchange between builders and players we all are looking for.

I grew up with three fascinating things: rock music, electric guitar heroes of the 80s, and my father`s wood workshop. Of course, I became a guitar player and a luthier.
The electric guitar is not only some object, musicians are making strong statements simply by “wearing” it. My craft helps those fantastic players to express their own personal statement. I participate in this show to fascinate customers with my craft and to exchange experiences with all my great colleagues, and to add to the vibrant popular culture of electric guitars.