Exhibitors 2015

guitarras jaén-portrait photo
Guitarras Jaén
Fernando Jaén

For a guitar maker, an archtop guitar is a ruthless instrument which requires a lot of experience to make. Fernando Jaén has been making them since 1992, and now is able to produce outstanding instruments consistently. For this show he wants to present some of his more traditional work regarding acoustic and electrified archtops, but also some new semi-acoustic instruments derived from a model that he’s been making for several years.

This is without any doubt one of the most important guitar shows in the world. Being a part of it is both a honour and a privilege. I want to give something in return for that privilege… How about bringing some amazing guitars?

All my life I’ve had a guitar near me. Being good with tools, I guess that trying to learn how to make them was unavoidable. The most important thing that I learnt then, even more than the basics of guitar building, was that if I wanted to be good at this I would need to make a lot. I decided to quit my job and make guitars full time. What else can I say, I love guitars and I’m happy to have dedicated my life to these amazing instruments!