Exhibitors 2015

guitare & cie stepinhut-portrait photo
Guitare & Cie Stepinhut
Nicolas Dayet-David

Nicolas is a modern guitar maker whose traditional skills serve his constant search for new sounds. His workshop is located in Montferrat, in the South of France. His years of experience enable him to fabricate many types of stringed instruments, both electric and acoustic. Form, colours, raw materials and the feel of different types of wood contribute to create innovative projects, each with a unique personal sound and feel.
“The luthier creates the instrument, the musicians finish them.”

By presenting my work at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, I wish to showcase my skills and ideals to new musicians from around the world. Each client I am able to work with will allow me to create an original, hand-crafted guitar specifically made for one musician. It is through this unique relationship with the musician, starting from the conception of the guitar to its use, I am able to create such personalized instruments.

I was 15 years old when lute-making appeared to be an obvious professional choice. It was quite a shock : the sound from the wood, the acoustic of the shapes, the raw materials, the innovative conception of quality guitars which made me stop and listen. These are the things which I feel deeply and the Holy Grail Guitar Show represents every single element of instrument making in a way which promotes fine craftmanship. It brings together the most creative stringed-instrument makers through their creations, highligthing a work of passion.