Exhibitors 2015

Galasso Guitars
Ezequiel Galasso

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ezequiel Galasso’s trademark is a constant exploration of new building methods. His aim is set on breaking established paradigms, with emphasis on sustainability and style, without neglecting functionality and precision. His instruments bear great character while they also invite you to think differently.

For me, the Holy Grail Guitar Show is the chance to share experiences with some of the best luthiers in the world, and be a witness of the vanguards in person.

The great thing about making guitars is the many ways you can approach it’s design, which always takes you on a different journey where a delicate balance between form, function and style must exist. Luckily , there are many passionate colleagues in the world taking this journeys too, and at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, I’m looking forward at the big chance to get ahold of all those stories first hand.