Exhibitors 2015

franfret guitars-portrait photo
Franfret Guitars
Francisco José Rodríguez Torrón

Franfret Custom Guitars build electric guitars in many styles, he offers several types of guitars and basses, from vintage tone to the hardest sounds.
They help you to find your tone, they know what every single musician is looking for, and like you, they love guitars and transmit this passion to their instruments making every single instrument unique. Many of our clients say that to play a handmade instrument is to feel the real custom concept. Are you ready for the next level?

Being part of the Holy Grail Guitar Show is to be with family, meeting people, seeing friends, to get inspiration from other luthiers and to see how the public enjoy the big guitar and bass party that is the Holy Grail Guitar show.

I fell in love with music during my childhood, and since then, it is always by my side. I build electric guitars because I can express myself through designing and building instruments, especially guitars, and when somebody plays my instruments I feel that a part of me is in the sound.


(In Spanish):
Me enamoré de la música en mi infancia y desde entonces siempre ha estado a mi lado. Fabrico guitarras electricas por que puedo expresarme yo mismo a través del diseño y la fabricación, especialmente guitarras, y cuando alguien toca mis instrumentos puedo sentirme parte del sonido.