Exhibitors 2015

#LM Miguel Manso - Guitarra, adriano - 9 de fevereiro de 2014
Ergon Guitars
Adriano Sérgio

Ergon is dedicated to creating handmade unique custom guitars. The brain child of Adriano Sergio, he believes that each musician’s artistic identity is an opportunity to create a new and groundbreaking guitar design. His building ethos rests on his experience as a player and his many years both on the road, and the workshop as a guitar technician. Handcrafted and passionately made, every Ergon instrument has tone and comfort as its main objectives, and embodies the fusion between builder and player.

I am honored to present my instruments along side some of world’s most renowned builders, many of whom have influenced and inspired my own work. I consider that though they are a recent endeavor, Ergon’s designs point to exciting new possibilities in the field of custom guitars.

I believe the combination of all of my professional experience and respect for the musician with a lifelong interest in art and design are inevitably reflected in the aesthetical aspect and ergonomic touch of Ergon guitars. The instruments are made to represent a beautiful extension of the musician’s body, and to grant a more fluid channel through which expression can be thoroughly enjoyed. I wish that the player can share in the pleasure I feel in the conception of a guitar every time the instrument is picked up.