Exhibitors 2015

devils choice-portrait photo
Devil’s Choice
Bernd Steuer

The Devil has always been part of the fine arts and was credited for the unbelievable skills of Paganini and Robert Johnson. The Devil should know what it’s all about. Devil’s Choice is located in Düsseldorf / Germany and builds high-quality guitars with passion and creativity. The visual concept of DC guitars combines distinctive designs with natural looks. Beside the beautiful, natural visuals, a great emphasis is placed on balancing the instruments properly and, of course, the sound. All these components are conscientiously put together into a harmonious concept in the customshop. Never the same way, always unique.

Feel free to go beyond the ordinary. This is my principle. Where else should I go, if not to the Holy Grail Guitar show!

The first Manticore bass came to life in 2002. I used to play a lot of shows, did a couple of recordings and knew what I wanted my bass to sound, feel and look like. To see and feel how ideas take shape from sketch to finished instrument is what captured me back then, and still does. To be part from the very beginning, compose different woods, breathe their scent while shaping and hear the first notes sounding – that makes an instrument really individual.