Exhibitors 2015

Cuntz Guitars
Andreas Cuntz

In 1994, Andreas Cuntz began his Master Luthier scholarship and studied string instrument design and construction at the State University in Mittenwald in Germany.
Andreas demonstrated a strong aptitude for his chosen career, having designed his CWG23 steel string model with a straight string line in the first days of his education. In 1996, the German Chamber of Handicrafts awarded him the nationwide first prize for his CWG 23 guitar, followed by the German Master-Luthier degree in 1999. Since 1997 he has lived out his professional calling in his own workshop – from guitar to guitar and day to day.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show” is a long awaited theme, which presents the instruments, the luthier itself and the work in a matching manner – unique in the world. I am glad to be part of it together with the entire “Holy Grail Guitar scene!