Exhibitors 2015

chatelier freres-portrait photo
Chatelier Frères
Gérard Chatelier & Philippe Chatelier

For a long time, we thought that it would be great to have a small to medium sized acoustic guitar adapted to both flat picking and finger picking.
So the challenge was to create a model combining the advantages of the OM and dreadnought that had the following features:

A full tone allowing guitarists to use the whole neck without any compromises on expression, nuance and sustain.
Tight mid ranges that are warm and not aggressive.
Warm and sweet high tones, with clear pitch especially on the B note which has a tendency to blur.
Full, rounded and resonating bass sound.
A comfortable shape.

To exhibit in HGGS: the dream becomes true.

Our dream began with the North American folk guitar at the end of the sixties… This sound was part of the songs of our youth and captures the dreamy and mythical universe of the other side of the ocean. Indeed, the « water is wide ».
As students, we didn’t have the means to own such coveted instruments. But then, we we started assembling pieces of wood in the hope of creating a great guitar with steel strings honoring their predecessors developped at Kalamazoo or Nazareth.