Exhibitors 2015

cardinal instruments-portrait photo
Cardinal Instruments
Sam Evans

Cardinal Instruments focuses on the right tool for the right player. Unique woods, custom hardware and pickups, sustainable materials, and a dedication to a superior sounding and playing guitar ensures that the player is getting the best possible instrument.
But being different isn’t its own reward. Cardinal strives to be not only focused on originality, but also to deliver a product that players will immediately recognize as usable in a myriad of ways. Another path for self expression that is without the preconceptions of myth and tradition.

The HGGS offers an unequaled opportunity for small builders like myself to interact with with peers and customers. And frankly, it’s quite the bragging right to say I was invited and got to associate with the highest caliber of luthiers.

As a player and builder for over 30-years, I try to bring my own unique approach to the guitar. I have no desire to retread tried and true ideas, so I try to offer something that separates me from the masses. Yes that certainly limits my appeal, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a player I’ve never desired to mimic someone else, and as a builder I have the same ethos. Be yourself.