Exhibitors 2015

Beauregard Guitars
Mario Beauregard

Beauregard guitars are 100% handcrafted in a small shop near Montréal, Québec, in the picturesque small town of St-Denis-sur-Richelieu.  No CNC’s nor countless jigs are used in the creation of a Beauregard guitar. Through many years of honing his skills and developing acoustic comprehension, Mario Beauregard’s reputation was earned by producing the very highest quality acoustic instruments. Tone and playability are always his top priorities. Through many trips to the Canadian west coast and Europe, Mario has chosen the finest tone woods which he carefully processes and stores. It will be Mario’s honor and a pleasure to build an instrument that will suit the very high standard of the serious guitarist.

Can’t wait for the second round!! Bravo to the team for their incredible work!!!

I’ve dedicated my life to the art of lutherie, not just the assembly aspect of it, but to the comprehension of the acoustic properties and the manipulation of the materials to reach certain goals. An event like the Holy Grail Guitar Show gives the luthiers an opportunity to show and share what has been learned with others, and being from different backgrounds offers us an incredible window of opportunity to explore new directions.
Also, the show gives us an amazing opportunity to meet the end users, the passionate players, admirers and collectors … It gives for some very interesting conversations!!!