Exhibitors 2015

basslab-portrait photo
Heiko Hoepfinger

BassLab instruments are handmade “monocoque” one-pieced, fully integrated and extremely lightweight hollow bodies, made from an acoustically non-absorbing material, called “tuneable composite”. Developed by a physicist and long-time musician starting in 1993 and still ongoing. Having a straight focus on tone, playability and ergonomics and the urge to oust stagnation and myths by reason, even enhancing the magic behind the tool, its purpose and connection with the player.

I’ve been exhibiting at music fairs for 15 years and this is the first show I felt to be about the “how, what and why we do it” and not just “how much”!

Some call our instruments radical, but to me, they are simply logical. I’m not calling it the holy grail, but I’m much into the idea of a “secular instrument” following a concept in full denial of any “It´s always been done this way!“.
And the Holy Grail show is a perfect place for everything special.