Exhibitors 2015

astrand guitars -portrait photo
Åstrand Guitars
Ted Åstrand

Luthier Ted Åstrand specializes in custom steel-string guitars on a commission basis and is currently creating 8-10 guitars annually in his workshop located in Stockholm, Sweden. Each part of the guitar is made completely by hand and with simple woodworking tools to achieve perfection both tonally and aesthetically. Working mainly with tonewoods yielding a rich and complex sound with lots of overtones. His main focus is building responsive and balanced guitars for the finger style genre, but the tone and playability can be formed to meet the customer’s requirements.

The first edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show was an amazing event both for the exhibitor and visitor, I feel very honored to be back this year to exhibit among the worlds finest luthiers!

I take great pride in my work and shape and form each part of the guitar by hand. Since every instrument is made one by one and is completely handmade the possibilities are endless. Tone, playability and an aesthetical approach are all critical to me. Not only should the joy of playing a custom guitar be an unforgettable experience, but the journey of its creation.