Exhibitors 2015

arrenbieguitars-portrait photo
Ralph Bonte

Ralph Bonte started instrument making in 1995. Actually one of his birthday presents was a slab of flamed maple with a Tele neck drawn onto it. It was the best present ever! Since that day he got hooked on wood and building stringed instruments. He has a fond preference for Americana music which reflects his instruments. Mostly ‘slide’ guitars, acoustic or electric. On occasion he builds mandolin, ukelele and archtops. All instruments are 100% handmade. Ralph is involved as a teacher in the Leonardo project. It involves different partners including three schools in Finland, England and Belgium.

I’ve visited a couple of guitar festivals in the U.S. and always wondered why we couldn’t have shows like that in Europe. The Holy Grail guitar show is even better than the shows I’ve been to in the U.S. I feel very honored and thrilled to be exhibiting at the Holy Grail guitar show!

Arrenbieguitars as a company name, started out as a simple phonetic description. The intials of Ralph Bonte are: R&B. Somehow the name was well chosen because Ralph is very fond of American music, Blues in particular. He’s been playing and singing in a blues band since 1986!
Since 1995 he has developed a deep passion for wood and building stringed instruments. Always looking for adventourus tonewoods.