Exhibitors 2015

andy manson custom guitars-portrait photo
Andy Manson Custom Guitars
Andy Manson

Andy Manson has been building acoustic instruments since 1967. His work is firmly based in the classic methods, using hand tools wherever possible, and nowadays exclusively hide glue. He also in recent years uses natural oil finishes. The scope of his building includes flat top, arch top and Macaferri style guitars, the carved top mandolin family, Celtic bouzoukis, and various hybrid and multi necked instruments. Andy is now located in Portugal, sharing his workshop with his stepson Seth Baccus, who is proving to be a luthier of great talent.

At the HGGS in 2014 I met many like minded people, the sharing was wonderful, if only too brief. I am particularly interested in pursuing the use exclusively of European woods in my work. The show is a great opportunity, to present such work, and discuss the possibilities.

Building guitars is for me a way of life. I enjoy the particular disciplines; design, relationship with the materials, the tools, and of course ultimately the music. It is a very broad field, thoroughly dependent upon integrity in every way. A world where knowledge and intuition are inseparable. Sometimes it’s inspirational to hear music in the workshop, I also like to listen to the sound of the knife carving a heel, the chisel paring down a strut, the plane shooting a joint, a pencil drawing a line. All these feelings were shared at HGGS in 2014. Let’s do it again.