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© Clas-Olav Slotte 12.5.2014Luthier Ari-Jukka Luomaranta
Ari-Jukka Luomaranta

AJL-Guitars are premium -class traditionally handcrafted gypsy guitars, known & sold worldwide and built in Europe from European tonewoods by Master luthier Ari-Jukka Luomaranta.
His X-O Model is said to be the closest to original Selmer model. He is also using modern technology & research to make woods cellular structure like old wood. AJ is also professional when it comes to Brazilian rosewood (palisander de rio). His woods are CITES approved pre-convention stock and CITES documents are included on every Brazilian rosewood guitar.
Promoting his guitars in 10th year in a row in Samois!

AJ builds:
– Oval hole Selmer-style Models 14 & 12 fret

– D-hole Maccaderri-style Models

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a European guitar show – Gypsyguitar is an European guitar. I’m proud to be one of the few gypsy guitar builders in the show and continue the European tradition of guitar building!

I make guitars to have them played by a musician. The guitar has to work on stage or in the context it is supposed to be used for. Sounds simple! Jazz guitar – archtop or gypsy guitar – are both played in a band with an upright bass and the guitar has to cut through as a solo instrument. At the moment, I think around the mid frequencies. It’s also important for a rhythm guitar: you need to hear those important notes from a chord.