A search for alternative, non-tropical woods in acoustic and classical guitar making

Saturday 13:00-14:00 in Room Strassburg

The Leonardo Guitar Research Project

by Brian Garston and Jacky Walraet Jacky Walraet
Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw (Cmb), Belgium


The best sounding classical and acoustic guitars use exotic tropical woods, right? Unfortunately, these woods are becoming increasingly scarce and ever more expensive as the tropical rainforests where these woods are sourced are being destroyed at alarming rates. Brian GarstonMany of the exotic woods traditionally used in guitar making are now protected and their trade restricted under CITES legislation, however, much of the tropical wood on the market today, despite CITES and FSC certification controls, has been illegally harvested.
It is against this background that the Leonardo Guitar Research Project started up a research program to study the possibilities of using sustainable local non-tropical woods that are not normally used in acoustic and classical guitar making. Hear more on this project, the results of the first research phase, and our future research plan, during the lecture.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in an audience listening test.