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HGGS 2015 Catalogue

The second edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show was a great success!

The show was held October 31 & November 1, 2015 in Estrel Berlin, Germany. In the catalogue (to the left) you can find the 2015 exhibitors, sponsors, program and more.

The show was held October 31- November 1, 2015 in Estrel Berlin, Germany. In the catalogue (to the left) you can find the 2015 exhibitors, sponsors, program and more.

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Thank you

We would like to express our gratitude and thank all those

who have worked hard to make the 2015 event possible!

We will continue to add names as they come along!

Adrian Lucas – UK
Alasdair Findlay – UK
Albert Cox – Belgium
Alexandra Belland – France
Alexandre Barthélemy – France
Amanda Dickey – USA
Andreas Cuntz – Germany
Andreas Neubauer – Austria
Antoine Gedroyc – USA
Arnold Erben – Germany
Blandine Dolithé – France
Brian Garston – Belgium
Chris Troise – Germany
Christian Jehke – Germany
Dan MacPherson – UK
Darko Milojevic – Germany
Djordje Grubak – Serbia
Doriane de Neef – France
Elena Spalt – Austria
Emma Elftorp – Finland
Enzo Blanchet – France
Ephraim Skobowsky – Germany
Eric Collet – France

Etienne Emery – France
Francisco Rodríguez – Spain
Frank Deimel – Germany
Fred Pons – France
Giulio Negrini – Italy
Günter Eyb – Germany
Hans van Velzen – Netherlands
Hilko Nackaerts – Belgium
Ida Bessa – Germany
Jacco Stuitje – Netherlands
Jacky Walraet – Belgium
Jacques Carbonneaux – France
Jakob Biehler – Germany
Jamie Swannell – UK
Jani Rinta-Keturi – Finland
Jennifer Clarkson – Canada
Jens Buschenhenke – Germany
Jerome Choulet – France
Job Heesakkers – Netherlands
Jonathan Eastmond – France
Juha Ruokangas – Finland
Juno Ruokangas – Finland

Jyrki Kostamo – Finland
Kai Bohun – Germany
Kaz Goto – Japan
Kora Jünger – Germany
Kristian Verwimp – Belgium
Lucas Henke – Germany
Lydie Trichard – France
Malte Sarrazin – Germany
Marco Köster – Germany
Maxime Gougeon – France
Michael Spalt – Austria
Mikaël Springer – France
Mike Hembury – Germany
Nathalie Leonard – France
Nicolas Perez – France
Niklas Haufe – Germany
Nils Nagel – Germany
Philip Schudy – Germany
Philipp Funk – Germany
Pierre Journel – France
Plisson Benoit – France
Pol Klinkers – Belgium

Remi Castillo – France
Richard Heeres – Netherlands
Robert Niedermayr – Austria
Roberto Cardi – Italy
Robin Morris-haynes – UK
Rosa María Otero Varela – Spain
Sander De Gier – Netherlands
Simon Burgun – France
Sophie Loisy – France
Stefan Schleicher – Germany
Steffi Schattenberg – Germany
Stijn Kenens – Belgium
Tania Spalt – Austria
Ted Åstrand – Sweden
Thomas Nordegg – USA
Thorsten Hans – Germany
Tobias Dunkelmann – Germany
Tom Poirier – France
Toon Dockx – Belgium
Vincent Grateau – UK
Weibke Quenzel – Germany
Åsa Rasmussen – Sweden


We would also like to give a big thank you to Estrel personnel who have been very helpful,
and the ITEMM school who have helped organize volunteers for the show.

And last but not least we want to thank all the demo musicianslecturers our sponsors and all the volunteers!